Mechanisms of diffusion processes in semiconductors


Mechanisms of diffusion processes in semiconductors. / Z. Jibuti, A. Bibilashvili, N. Dolidze. / Nano Studies. – 2021–2022. – # 21/22. – pp. 57-62. – geo. The paper presents an original approach to describing the impurities diffusion processes in semiconductors developed by Professor Alex Gerasimov and his research team. The dependence of the diffusion coefficients of various impurities in Ge, Si, AIIIBV, AIIBVI and AIVBIV semiconducting materials on number of diffusion process conditions, in particular, temperature is studied. An analysis is done how well the standard physical models can explain the observed features of the temperature-dependences of the impurities diffusion coefficients in semiconductors. It is theoretically shown that the impurity diffusion coefficient depends on the degree of the impurity-levels population in given semiconductor at diffusion temperature. In other words, the impurities diffusion rate in semiconductors is determined by the active chemical bonds arising between the impurity and matrix atoms at that temperature. Ref. 27.