Study and application of radiation defects in semiconductors and structures


Study and application of radiation defects in semiconductors and structures. / N. Dolidze, A. Bibilashvili, Z. Jibuti. / Nano Studies. – 2021–2022. – # 21/22. – pp. 39-56. – geo. The article deals with the investigation of radiation defects in Ge irradiated by accelerated electrons and γ-quanta at 77 K by Prof. A. Gerasimov and his research group. Since the use of such a powerful method as electron paramagnetic resonance for determining the microstructure of solids is impossible in Ge, the data on the defects are obtained on the basis of indirect measurements such as the study of electrophysical, photoelectric, optical and mechanical properties. The nature and composition of radiation defects corresponding to the stages of annealing observed in the studies are determined. Examples of the practical use of radiation as a technological method are given. Studies of the effect of radiation on metal–dielectric–semiconductor systems are carried out. A model of radiation-induced charge accumulation in metal–insulator–semiconductor structures with Al2O3 for dielectric is presented. Fig. 11, Tab. 1, Ref. 42.